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Survey Reveals Truckers' Most Desired Amenities at Truck Stops

A recent survey conducted by Trucker Path sheds light on what amenities truckers value when choosing a truck stop. While ample parking is a top priority, drivers are also keen on finding clean showers and restaurants, among other amenities.

The survey found that 86% of respondents prioritized abundant truck parking when selecting a truck stop. However, other factors also play a significant role in their decisions.

Parking Lot with Big Rigs
Parking Lot

Here's a breakdown of the most sought-after amenities:

- Abundant truck parking (86%)

- Clean showers (67.5%)

- On-site restaurant (47%)

- Healthy/fresh food selection (41%)

- 24/7 truck maintenance services (29%)

- High-speed diesel pumps (27%)

- Wi-Fi (22%)

- Laundry (20%)

- Driver lounge area (15%)

- Pet-friendly facilities (13.5%)

The Need for More Private-Sector Investment in Truck Parking

The results of the survey suggest a demand for more private-sector investment in truck parking. Unlike publicly funded rest areas, which offer limited amenities, private truck stops can provide a broader range of services. However, private projects often face resistance from local governments and communities.

Truck Stop Shower/Room
Truck Stop Shower

Challenges in Developing New Truck Stops

The divide between the need for more truck parking and local opposition was a central topic at the recent National Coalition on Truck Parking meeting. Alison Nealon, an associate transportation planner at Caltrans, highlighted the Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) attitude that often hampers the development of new truck parking facilities. Tiffany Wlazlowski Neuman, vice president of public affairs for the National Association of Truck Stop Operators, identified local zoning laws as one of the primary obstacles to building new truck stops. She mentioned that a California-based project has been attempting to rezone property for parking for over a decade.

New Love's Truck Stop Location Now Open in Colorado
New Love's Truck Stop in Colorado

Some Progress, But More Work to Do

There are examples of municipalities approving truck parking facilities, but many of these projects lack additional amenities. For instance, in Greenfield, Ind., the city council approved a gated lot with 240 truck parking spaces—but without any other amenities, the project still faced resistance.

Despite these challenges, some companies are moving forward with ambitious plans to meet truckers' needs. ConTrade Holdings aims to build 100 gated facilities nationwide, offering 45,000 truck parking spaces. These facilities will include Wi-Fi, showers, and television lounges but won't provide food, fuel, or maintenance services. Plus, parking won't be free.

Government's Role in Addressing the Crisis

At the state level, governments are beginning to tackle the national truck parking crisis with increased federal funding. However, federal law restricts commercial services at rest areas, and these areas typically offer fewer truck parking spaces compared to private truck stops. According to the Jason’s Law Survey, there are 7.63 private truck stop parking spaces for each public rest area space. This ratio underscores the importance of private-sector investment in addressing the truck parking shortage.

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