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Mentor Program

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At Hyfield Trucking we pioneered the mentor program in 2016 so that we could immediately set teams up for success.  We started with just one and now have 10 mentors across the fleet who are ready to help guide you on your journey. These 10 teams have been in their respective fields for a long time and are there to help you every step of the way with all the common questions new teams will always have. The mentors will pass along their knowledge of the expediting Industry to you so that you are making money right out of the gate. Our mentors not only pass along their knowledge but also guidance, motivation, and act as a role model to you. They are available 24 hours a day and will work with you to help you achieve your goals and accelerate your business. 

A mentor in expediting can significantly boost your revenue by sharing industry insights, guiding you through efficient logistics and supply chain strategies, and helping you navigate regulatory landscapes. Their expertise and network can open up new opportunities, optimize operations, and avoid costly pitfalls, directly contributing to increased profitability.

A mentor's expertise in navigating carrier freight lanes is crucial for making informed decisions about load offers. They bring a deep understanding of market trends, lane profitability, and operational costs, advising on the most beneficial routes and contracts. Their knowledge can help identify lucrative opportunities, avoid financial pitfalls, and optimize logistics strategies. This guidance is invaluable for maintaining competitive advantage, ensuring sustainability, and strategically expanding operations within the dynamic and often complex freight industry.

Having a mentor available 24/7 via telephone support offers unparalleled guidance and reassurance, especially in fields requiring quick decision-making or crisis management. This constant availability ensures that advice, encouragement, and critical feedback are just a call away, fostering a supportive environment that accelerates learning and enhances problem-solving skills.

A mentor in expediting can be a comprehensive resource, guiding on parking strategies, Hours of Service and DOT compliance, loading and securing freight, paperwork accuracy, trip planning, and understanding carrier jargon. Their seasoned advice ensures operational efficiency, legal adherence, and improved communication with carriers, enhancing overall performance and profitability.

Meet our Mentors

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