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I started my journey as an expediter back in 2009 and have enjoyed every moment of it. Since then I have worked as an independent contractor for Fed Ex Custom Critical and started a youtube channel to help those getting into the industry to showcase what our life is like from day to day on the road. I run as a team driver with my partner Don and we strive to make the most out of every day on the road. 


Check out the Expedite Chix on YouTube for everything expediting. We share our experience & knowledge from over the road in short, fun videos! We make sure you have all of the tools & information necessary to assist if you are interested in starting an expediting journey with Hyfield Trucking.  

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Truck And Travel YouTube shows the everyday life over the road expediting with Cinnamon And Darrick along with their 2 cats Norton and Caleb. 


Hello there! Steve and Nisha here aka THEREALTRUCKERCOUPLE! Join us on our YouTube channel where we share everything from cooking in the truck, road adventures, tips and tricks about expediting and much more! We look forward to seeing you there! 

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Vincent Louque and Melissa Cheshire entered the expedite trucking life in July 2019. Driving for fleet owners, Hyfield Trucking, who lease their trucks onto Panther Premium Logistics. On our YouTube channel, Louqshire Expediting Adventures, you will find us discussing everything from the lifestyle and adventures, to the world of hauling freight for Panther. We are also on Facebook and Instagram. 

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Hyfield Trucking showcases everything from amazing truck tours in our fleet, to interviews, and The Outer Belt Podcast! Patrick, co-owner of Hyfield Trucking, and his consigliere Vince aka Chilly, talk current events, trucking and generally goof off. In one hour, we hope to entertain and enlighten you; or at a bare minimum, help that hour go by a little faster while you're driving down the road. New episodes drop every Saturday on YouTube or anywhere you get your podcast. All Outerbelt podcast episodes are produced by Jer-Ber. 

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