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CBD Oil & Drug Testing

Hi all, we have recently had teams test positive during random drug tests from using 0% THC CBD products. These teams were disqualified from their carriers. This is a growing issue as FedEx Custom Critical alone has had three (3) teams disqualified this month over CBD causing positive tests. Please read this carefully as this is an avoidable situation most of us didn’t even know was a problem. 

According to DSI, a major third party administrator for drug and alcohol programs, although manufacturers claim that all traces of THC have been extracted from CBD oil products, there is not a scientific proven method of extraction of all THC. CBD products are not currently regulated, so labels can provide misleading information to users. Contractors who test positive for any amount of THC will be in violation of the carriers Drug and Alcohol program. A positive drug test violation will result in the independent contractor being disqualified. Positive drug test results are reported by the Medical Review Officer (MRO) to the FMCSA Clearinghouse. As a commercial driver, you will be subject to the requirements of the regulations prior to being reinstated to drive commercially, which includes attending meetings with a Substance Abuse Provider and follow up testing. Please see more on this below. 

Will CBD use cause a positive drug test result?

Let's first remember that standard employment drug tests screen for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and NOT for cannabidiol (CBD). Most CBD products are marketed to be “PURE CBD” or "Containing less than .3% of THC", the actual levels of advertised concentrations have been proven to vary significantly by distributor and by product.

While CBD products started in the market within the grey area of federal and state legality, it is now the wild west, and CBD companies face very little oversight of their claims or review of actual contents of a product with the lack of product testing[6].

As it stands today, CBD products could contain elevated levels of THC that could be found in a random drug test. A positive test for THC may also become more likely with excessive use of CBD products containing elevated levels of THC. There have been several recent reports of drivers failing their drug tests that claim to have only used CBD, not marijuana. In a handful of those instances, the consumer has, in turn, filed suit against the product manufacturer for ‘false claims’ and other misrepresentation. It is undoubtedly buyer beware; drivers are cautioned to do their homework before choosing to use a CBD product, especially if their livelihood could be impacted by failing a drug test. 

Thank you,

Patrick Lee and Eric Hyfield

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