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Winter Care Tips for Your Temperature-Controlled Trailers

Hey truckers, winter's here, and we all know it can be tough on our refrigerated trailers. Let's talk about keeping them in top shape during these cold months!

FedEx Straight Truck in Winter Conditions
FedEx Straight Truck in Winter Conditions

First off, two big winter headaches: dead batteries and fuel gelling. These issues can lead to clogged fuel filters and a whole lot of trouble.

Even if your trailer has solar panels, don't get too comfy. Those batteries can still drain in the bitter cold. My tip? Run your TCU (Temperature Control Unit) every other day for about three hours. This keeps your battery charged and your trailer ready for the next temperature-sensitive haul. And hey, if it's been a while since you last fired up that TCU, do a quick check to make sure everything's running smoothly before you take on your next load.

Here's a pro move: always show up at the shipper with full fuel tanks and your trailer pre-cooled (or heated) to the right temp for at least an hour. Trust me, it makes a difference.

Power Service Anti-Gel Additive
This is the Anti-Gel Hyfield Trucking Prefers

Now, about that diesel fuel. In colder states, the fuel usually has additives to stop it from turning into a gel. But if you're filling up down south or in places without these additives, consider adding some anti-gel to your tank when the mercury dips below 32F. This keeps your unit running smoothly and ready for action.

A picture of freight in a temp controlled box showing how to maintain proper air flow
Maintain Proper Air Flow in your Box

Last tip: keep those air passages clear, especially the ones on your trailer floor and at the bulkhead. A clean path means no debris messing with your airflow.

Stay safe and warm out there, folks! And remember, a little prep goes a long way in keeping your temperature-controlled trailers running smoothly through winter.

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This is great information! Thank you for posting it....I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous winter!

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