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The Ultimate Checklist for New Truck Drivers

Embarking on a new journey as a truck driver is not just about navigating the vast highways but also about creating a comfortable and efficient living space in your truck. The Hyfield Family warmly welcomes you and is here to ensure your transition into this new lifestyle is as smooth as possible. Our comprehensive list of recommended items will help you turn your truck into a cozy and functional home away from home. Let’s dive into the essentials that will make life on the road more enjoyable and efficient.

Built-In Features for Comfort and Convenience:

Your new truck comes equipped with several amenities designed to provide comfort and convenience on the road. These include a Sirus XM radio (subscription required), an ELD electronic logging device, a refrigerator/freezer, a convection/microwave oven, hot/cold running water, an APU generator, a bunk heater, roof top AC, a flat-screen TV, and an in-motion Direct TV satellite system (paid for by Hyfield). Additionally, two outside toolboxes offer extra storage for your belongings.

These are some additional items that you may want to bring to help make it more comfortable while out on the road.

Office Supplies: Stay Organized and Efficient:

- Compact Printer: For printing documents on the go.

- Stapler, Pens, Notepad, Clipboard, Tape: Essential for paperwork and notes.

- Key Lanyard: Keep your keys handy and secure.

- Calculator: For quick calculations on expenses or distances.

Bathroom Essentials: Hygiene on the Go:

- Toiletries, Bath Towels, Travel Shower Bags, Washcloths: Keep hygiene a priority.

- Medications: Always have your necessary medications on hand.

- Shower Shoes: Protect your feet at truck stop showers.

Clothing & Laundry: Prepared for All Weather:

- All-Weather Clothing: Be ready for any weather condition with appropriate attire.

- Laundry Bag: Keep dirty clothes organized.

- Boots + All-Weather Shoes: Ensure your footwear is suited for all conditions.

Kitchen Necessities: Eating Well on the Road:

- Plates, Cups, Cutlery, Water, Kitchen Utensils: Essential for dining in your truck.

- Trash Bags, Small Trash Can, Paper Towels: Keep your space clean and tidy.

Bedding: A Good Night’s Sleep:

- Pillows, Full Sheets (2 Sets), Blankets: Comfort is key to restful sleep.

Cleaning/Household Items: Maintain a Clean Environment:

- Windex, Dish Soap (Dawn foam recommended): For cleaning surfaces and dishes.

Tools: Be Prepared for Any Situation:

- Screwdriver, Hammer, Wrenches, Pliers, Flashlight, Tape Measure, Gloves, Tire Gauge, Bolt Cutters, Shop Towels, WD-40, Cable Cutters: A toolkit to handle minor repairs and maintenance.

Pet Care: Bringing Your Furry Friend Along:

- Pet Food, Pet Medications, Food/Water Bowl: Ensure your pet's needs are met.

For the Truck: Essential Utilities:

- Water Hose Line w/Inline Filter: For clean water supply.

- Personal Documentation: Passport, Med Card for identification and health information.

Electronics: Staying Connected and Safe:

- Hands-Free Device, Phone Charger Cords, Forward-Facing Dash Cam, GPS (Truck Specific): Essential gadgets for communication, navigation, and safety.

Extras for Comfort and Efficiency:

Consider adding a touch of home with items such as a cooktop, Instapot, Pyrex bowls, can opener, silverware, coffee pot/tea kettle, and non-glass dishware to enhance your cooking experience. For organization, extra office supplies, electronics, and a secondary GPS can be invaluable. Tools like a 12-gauge extension cord, sockets, and heavy-duty Velcro will keep you prepared for any situation.


Setting up your truck with these essentials will not only make your life on the road more comfortable but also more efficient. Remember, every trucker's needs may vary, so tailor this list to fit your personal preferences and requirements. The Hyfield Family is here to support you on this exciting journey. Drive safely and welcome to your new home on the road!

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