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New weigh station bypass opportunities in 13 states

The PrePass Safety Alliance recently unveiled its latest growth phase, incorporating four additional states into its weigh station bypass program and adding 116 new locations across various states. This extension enables trucks registered with PrePass to skip weigh station stops at over 75 new sites in Rhode Island, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

Furthermore, the expansion introduces 40 new locations in states already part of the PrePass network, including Michigan, Texas, California, Iowa, South Carolina, Utah, Wyoming, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

Sign telling all trucks to be in the right lane for PrePass
All Trucks Right Lane

This growth brings the total number of PrePass sites to more than 550 across 44 states, enhancing the network's reach and offering more convenience to trucking fleets.

Mark Doughty, President and CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance, emphasized the expansion's role in promoting safer and more efficient freight transportation on U.S. highways. He hinted at future expansions and improvements to their services, aiming to provide innovative solutions that simplify operations and optimize road time for their customers.

18 wheeler passing through an open weigh station
Weigh Station Entrance

In addition to weigh station bypasses, PrePass also provides toll payment and management services. This service benefits safe and compliant fleets by allowing them to bypass weigh stations and ports of entry, thus saving time, fuel, and money. Moreover, it handles toll payments, reducing administrative tasks and avoiding excessive toll charges. With the

PrePass app's latest update, fleets gain access to an even broader range of bypass sites and real-time safety notifications, including traffic congestion, hazardous weather conditions, and parking availability, enhancing the driving experience for truckers.

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