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International Roadcheck 2024

In just over a month, the transportation industry across the country will participate in the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) annual International Roadcheck event.

Scheduled for May 14-16, this year's event will especially focus on controlled substance possession and the inspection of tractor protection systems.

Man sitting in the driver seat of a large truck
International Roadcheck 2024

As part of their preparation efforts, CVSA has released a detailed bulletin that guides operators on how to effectively inspect and maintain their tractor protection systems. This year, there's an additional layer to the inspections: authorities will also conduct checks against the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse to identify any drivers who are prohibited from operating.

Push lever for tractor trailer air supply
Tractor Trailer Air Supply

Here’s a brief rundown of the highlights from the upcoming 2024 International Roadcheck:

International Roadcheck 2024

List of things officers are looking for with controlled substance
Controlled Substance

In the previous year, CVSA-certified inspectors identified at least one critical violation in 19% of the vehicles they examined, leading to over 11,000 commercial vehicles being sidelined. Below are the most common violations noted.

Top Five Vehicle-Related Violations in 2023

- Brake Systems

- Tires

- Defective Service Brakes

- Cargo Securement

- Lights

Top Five Driver-Related Violations

- Hours of Service

- False Logs

- Canceled or Revoked License

- No Medical Card

Top Five Hazmat/Dangerous Goods Violations

- Shipping Papers

- Placards

- Training Certification

- Markings

Remember to stay vigilant and prioritize safety!

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