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Embracing the Digital Age: YouTube and Podcasts for Expediters

One of the top recommendations for new drivers entering the expediting industry is to “Do Your Research!” While this advice is invaluable, it often leaves many wondering how exactly to conduct research specific to expediting. Fortunately, Hyfield Trucking has made it easier by supporting and producing several YouTube channels and podcasts. Here’s a rundown of our favorites that will entertain, educate, and prepare you for life on the road.

Drive safe and make good decisions!

Patrick Lee

Co-Owner - Hyfield Trucking


Hosted by Patrick, co-owner of Hyfield Trucking, and his trusted sidekick Vince, also known as Chilly, the Outerbelt Podcast covers current events, trucking topics, and some light-hearted banter. Each episode aims to entertain and enlighten you, or at least make your drive a bit more enjoyable. New episodes are released every Saturday and are available on YouTube and all major podcast platforms. Produced by Jer-Ber, this podcast is a must-listen for those in the expediting industry.


The Expedite Chix channel on YouTube is your go-to for all things expediting. These fun and informative videos share valuable insights and experiences from the road, helping you gather all the necessary tools and information to embark on your expediting journey with Hyfield Trucking.


Starting as an expediter in 2009, I’ve had the pleasure of documenting my journey on YouTube. My partner Don and I, as team drivers for FedEx Custom Critical, share daily experiences and tips to help newcomers understand the expediting lifestyle. Join us on The Expediter Boogie channel to see what life on the road is truly like.


Vincent Louque and Melissa Cheshire began their expediting adventure in July 2019 with Hyfield Trucking, leasing their truck to Panther Premium Logistics. Their YouTube channel, Louqshire Expediting Adventures, covers everything from their lifestyle and adventures to the intricacies of hauling freight for Panther. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more updates and insights.


Nic and Carla’s inspirational journey showcases how they left their 9-5 jobs to explore North America as truck drivers. Living full-time in an RV and becoming full-time social media influencers, they share their motto, “Live Life for a Living,” to inspire others. Their adventures are chronicled on their YouTube channel, providing a unique perspective on the trucking life.


Join Steve and Nisha, also known as THEREALTRUCKERCOUPLE, on their YouTube channel where they share everything from cooking in their truck to road adventures and expediting tips. Their content is both entertaining and informative, perfect for anyone interested in the expediting lifestyle.


Follow Cinnamon and Darrick, along with their two cats Norton and Caleb, on the Truck And Travel YouTube channel. They document their everyday life as expediters, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the expediting world. Learn why Hyfield Trucking is known for its supportive community and exceptional service.


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