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Cargo Box Break-In Attempts

Good afternoon Hyfield Fleet,

We have had 3 known break-in attempts at various truck stops/rest areas across the country in the last couple weeks. As the attached pics will show, criminals are attempting to cut through the cargo box door hasp and/or latch assemblies with a cutting wheel. One was a FedEx CC truck that cut through a seal guard that is supposed to combat this very thing. These break-in attempts only take minutes to complete. Fortunately, only one of the three attempts was successful and very little cargo was stolen.

The three locations of the break-in attempts were:

- Mt. Vernon, IN.

- N. Las Vegas, NV.

- New Mexico (unknown location)

Please follow the below guidelines when parking for the night or even for a 30 minute DOT break. One of these trucks was not stopped for more than 45 minutes last night when the break-in attempt occurred. 

- Pay attention to your surroundings 

- Try to park in a well lit area. 

- Try to park near security cameras

- Try to park near the building entrance or in the middle of a lot and not on the perimeter

- If you do have to park on the perimeter, nose-in park and do not pull all the way to the back of the spot

- Park backed up next to a light pole/stanchion

- Park backed up to anything that will prevent the back doors from opening

- Until you are physically in the bunk, check your back doors frequently

Report any break-in attempt or tampering with your cargo door lock/latch/handle/hasp to your carrier, Hyfield Maintenance, and local law enforcement.

Thank you and drive safe,

Jimmy MacDonald

Equipment Maintenance Manager

Hyfield Trucking

(380)600-8407 - Maintenance

(833)493-4353 - Main 

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