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Be on Alert: Recent Cargo Thefts at Chicago Southland Lincoln Oasis

Attention to all truck operators and companies: The Illinois State Police have heightened their surveillance and are currently investigating a series of cargo theft incidents at the Chicago Southland Lincoln Oasis in South Holland. For those traveling through this area, be advised that electronic message boards have been deployed to alert drivers of the recent thefts and to encourage heightened vigilance.

To bolster security and prevent further incidents, patrols in the area have been increased. In light of these events, We have issued a caution, advising drivers to bypass this location whenever possible. However, if you must stop, it is strongly recommended that you do so in an area that is both well-lit and secure. Additionally, ensure your cargo doors are backed against a solid surface to hinder unauthorized access.

Should you observe any suspicious activity, it is crucial to report it to law enforcement authorities without delay. Furthermore, keep your dispatch informed at all times. Your proactive measures are key to maintaining security and preventing potential thefts. Stay safe and stay alert.

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